LIRR Train Yards

Just as with Towers, I'm not very knowledgable about the train yards of the LIRR, either. If you have any information/pictures to contribute of the various train yards of the LIRR, please let me know and I will use it (with credit to the contributor, of course).

West Side Yard - Here are a couple of pictures of the West Side Yard. They were conributed by "MAC"


VD Yard - On 2/18/2002 (President's Day) I went on what was billed as a Subway field trip. Since it started at the LIRR's Flatbush Ave. terminal, we decided to first take a walk over to the Vanderbilt Ave. (VD) Yard area. I thought I would let this be the start of a new Yards page. Here are a couple of pictures looking east. We were surprised that there were no trains there at all on the Holiday. Is this yard officially closed?

(NEW 4/2/2002) I received several emails over the last couple of weeks saying that the VD yard it still operational. I was quite surprised at the number of people who were interested in the various yards.

Retired LIRR Conductor JJ Earl says: Bob, when I was still working, VD yard was not used on weekends or holidays.I assume that things would be the same today. I don't think that this yard would be closed because the trains were cleaned here as well as having a visit from the 'Honey Wagon". They also were made ready for the afternoon rush.
JJ Earl
Brian Curry reports:VD yard is not closed, with a holiday schedule it was run by the FBA station Yardmaster who has his/her office right next to the new Brook Tower. Van Tower at the mouth of the yard is now closed. A Toilet servicing truck services all the weekday cars and drilling is done for inspections and EIC's

 Babylon Yard- Here's a picture (photo credit ... Brian Curry (shown tracks 15-16 and 17))

The following was contributed by Joe S.

OYSTER BAY YARD, just east of the oyster bay station, this is the only yard
left ( besides morris park ) that has a complete turntable

WEST SIDE YARD just west of penn station,

HOLBAN YARD, Just south of the existing Hillside Facility

BABYLON STORAGE YARD about 1 mile east of babylon station, take sunrise hwy
to higbie lane south, as you cross tracks , look to your right, you'll see it

PORT JEFF YARD about 2 miles east of port jeff station, take rt 347 to rt
112 north, then go to rt 25a make right, go about 2 miles and look on your

HUNTINGTON YARD, very very small yard, just east of the station, just holds a
couple of MU trains, west of the station is a nice complex siding though,
that's worth photographing

RONKONKOMA YARD just east of station, worth taking a trip to see nice huge
modern yard holds all LIRR's MU trains.l


RIVERHEAD YARD at riverhead station, has alot of historical LIRR equipment
on the property incuding one of the first double deckers, G 5 s steam
locomotive, and a ALCO from the 50's, plus more, definitely worth photographing

MONTAUK YARD just west of the station, very big yard, theres a Y track
there ( nice view of montauk manor in the background over looking the yard

SPEONK YARD east of the station, mostly the yard is a huge "Y" and alot of